Monday | January 30, 2023 |
Market Status: OPEN

InvestDirect ArenaAPI

InvestDirect ArenaAPI (Application Programming Interface) acts as an automatic market instructions intermediary between the investor's portfolio management platform and the stock exchange systems, accessing the market through direct market access service (DMA) provided by the brokerage house which implements the Arena XT platform.

The API offers support for trading operations, real-time confirmations from the exchange, real-time market data and notifications, reports and portfolio evaluation, as well as administrative tasks.

It is designed for both investors who want to automate the execution of orders, and for intermediaries who want to fully integrate their systems with the Arena XT platform.

Investors have the possibility to implement their trading strategies based on the information received from the market and processed by proprietary algorithms, whether they are investors with a certain degree of sophistication in portfolio management or, institutional clients for which the automatic decision and reaction speed to changes are important.

Algorithm-based trading platforms involve electronic transmission of orders resulting from the execution of the pre-programmed scenarios of market evolution, without human-operator intervention, which take into account a number of variables such as price, volume and time, having the goal of maximizing portfolio value, or limiting losses. By using the InvestDirect ArenaAPI automatic interface, with real-time access to market data and with a high speed of orders processing, investors have the opportunity to mark profits from price changes occurred at short intervals: minutes or seconds; a plus of liquidity generated in this way will bring additional investment opportunities.

The API opens the entire Arena XT platform to application developers, giving a wide range of integration possibilities. Some of them are described below:

  • Custom trading strategies
    The InvestDirect ArenaAPI gives access to all trading-related commands, allowing a 3rd-party application to initiate new orders and change or delete existing ones. All type of orders are implemented, as well as all order-related options which can be found in the Arena XT Trading terminals. Order and trade confirmations are disseminated in real-time.
  • Full integration of the intermediaries' proprietary systems with Arena XT
    The InvestDirect ArenaAPI is the most advanced integration solution available for the Arena XT platform which completes the list of integration capabilities already available to intermediaries. It offers 2 different communication channels for real-time communication (WebSockets-based or TCP/IP-based) and one HTTP channel for non-time-critical data, giving the system integrators flexibility in choosing the communication medium and protocol.
  • Fully automation of tasks
    The InvestDirect ArenaAPI offers investors and intermediaries a way to fully automate tasks that would otherwise involve manual intervention. Any type of operation which can be performed manually in the trading terminal or in the administration interface of the Arena XT platform can also be implemented through the API.

For details about the InvestDirect ArenaAPI and for more information on how you can access it, please contact BVB at or +40 21 307 95 12.